Geek Viewpoint is intended for the professional programmer, the job seeker, the student, or the hobbyist who is looking for a bit of help. While it is my suspicion that elegance and simplicity go hand in hand; my primary goal here has been to write codes whose logic is clear and simple to follow. Once upon a time, in a computer science class, my professor asked whether all algorithms can be implemented. The moral of that story to me is that implementation matters. And since the experts wonder about implementation, the geek who needs to get things done can definitely use some help.

Most of the codes on Geek Viewpoint reflect my personal style and my mood at the instant of coding. Such is certainly not an attribute that is unique to me: all programmers are victims of their humanity. Perhaps my implementation of the functions in the BST category would exhibit greater diversity had I written them during Mardi Gras while sipping bourbon at the French Quarter. Who knows? Who knows?

While I hope Geek Viewpoint serves the greater good, I make no guaranty to the correctness of these codes. I welcome feedback, comments, suggestions, and corrections.

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